The Team Behind MBRI

At MBRI We Build the skills of our employees by seeking excellence and encouraging team work. We Are All Strong Believers In The Future of Mining Industry, and we love being part of the growing community.

Eltayeb Alata Eltayeb Mohamed

Obtains profit contribution by managing staff, establishing and accomplishing business objectives. Also he directs and coordinates activities of one or more departments, such as engineering, operations or sales.

Eltayeb Alata Eltayeb Mohamed General Manager

Elmagboul Abdelaziz Mohamed Elamin

Usually works for or assist the General Manager (GM). They take over when the GM is not available and share in their responsibilities. They help to motivate staff, handle administrative duties, and perform human resource tasks, such as recruiting and assessing staff performance.

Elmagboul Abdelaziz Mohamed Elamin Deputy General Manager

Osama Eltayeb Elnour Mohamed

The responsibility of this department is to maintain the accounting records of the company and to provide specific and accurate financial data through the use of the Odoo system in the preparation and reporting.

Osama Eltayeb Elnour Mohamed Head of Finance

Abdalla Abdelhadi Abdalla Hemed

Human resources management in the company is responsible for the management and development of human resources in the company and planning, and all the issues related to employees and workers.

Abdalla Abdelhadi Abdalla Hemed Head of Human Resource

Mazin Sharafeldin Sidahmed Fadl

Planning and organizing the procurement department and providing materials, mechanisms and work aids required for the production or operation of the project of the quality specified in advance in order to be available in a timely manner and at the best cost and best conditions.

Mazin Sharafeldin Sidahmed Fadl Head of Procurement

Mohamed Alatta ElTayeb Mohamed

Preparation of daily production plans and direct supervision of production in terms of labor, equipment and production sites, maintaining cost and productivity and ensuring the progress of work according to plans and budgets set and planning.

Mohamed Alatta ElTayeb Mohamed Head of Production

Moutaz Mohamed Abdalrahim Hajalamin

Planning and supervising the plans, policies and procedures of the logistics services in the company and the consultancy necessary to support and execute the strategic objectives that apply to them, in addition to the development of logistics services, which include maintenance and services.

Moutaz Mohamed Abdalrahim Hajalamin Head of Logistic

Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla AbdelMajeed

The sales department is responsible for identifying the needs and desires of customers, identifying the target markets, analyzing the internal and external regulatory environment to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in marketing and sales management.

Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla AbdelMajeed Marketing and Sales Supervisor

Mohammed Alghali Mohammed Altijani

He’s responsible of handling everything in Egypt’s office from the bank issues, procurement, Logistics recruitment, marketing the products of MBR International to the sales process with all its details.

Mohammed Alghali Mohammed Altijani Sales Supervisor in Egypt

Mohamed Rajab

Provide all forms of support and technical support in the design, installation, updating, use, maintenance and development of electronic devices and means, and ensure the efficiency of all facilities related to the computerization of the work and uses of the network and databases and various systems in the company through the Odoo System.

Mohamed Rajab IT Manager